Saturday, November 1, 2008

Madonna: Dress You Up (1985)

It stands as one of Madonna's most remixed songs and possesses a quiet "staying power" that has allowed it to endure despite not being one of her highest selling singles. Dress You Up was released as a single from the Like a Virgin album in 1985, peaking at #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart even though it never enjoyed the benefit of having an official video made to accompany it.

Here is a live performance of the song from the Virgin Tour in 1985, which ultimately served as the de facto video.

And here is a fusion of the song with Material Girl from the 1987 Who's That Girl tour. This was, in fact, the last tour during which the song was performed by Madonna as part of a concert set.

One of the more unique unofficial arrangements is the following Forever in Love Remix...

Finally, and this was met with a mixed reception at the time, here is a sample of the Gap's 1990s Dress You Up ad campaign. Some thought it was trendy and fashionable. Others thought a dance classic was being murdered with a cheap gimmick. And others still were simply happy to have one of their favorite Madonna songs dusted off and appearing between segments of Melrose Place.

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