Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Jim Capaldi: Something So Strong (1989)

When you have Eric Roberts headlining a film that is written by a martial artist (in which he himself will play the lead role)...and the film involves a martial arts are probably on track for a 1980s cheesefest with some pretty good action a synth-guitar soundtrack, and more than a couple montages.

That's indeed what we have with the 1989 film Best of the Best, also starring James Earl Jones. There are training montages. Bonding montages. There is even a contemplative slowly riding a motorcycle around the highway montage. But it was the '80s and if you did it any other went to jail.

Here we have the theme song from the film, Something So Strong by Jim Capaldi, also known for working the band Traffic.

Jim Capaldi became something of a figure in the fight against cancer when he succumbed to the battle a couple years ago. His passing inspired a tribute concert with many notable rock and roll names.

You can visit Jim Capaldi's OFFICIAL SITE to learn more about the man and his battle or this BBC ARTICLE that discusses his passing and his charity endeavors.

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