Sunday, October 19, 2008

Real Life: Send Me an Angel (1983)

In 1983, Australian band Real Life, fronted by David Sterry, burst onto the international music scene with a hit that still stands today as a strong 80s favorite, "Send Me an Angel."

While a healthy portion of 80s pop tends to be fondly remembered for nostalgic reasons only, to this day, Real Life's signature piece still inspires people to say, "That is a cool song."

This is the video from the 1989 re-release, where they upped the visual production value a little.

And here is one of the best of the many remixes inspired by this 80s classic.

The song also appeared in the 1986 teen BMX movie "Rad," which has since fallen into obscurity but was popular at the time.

Real Life is still actively touring to this day. While the lineup has seen some revisions from time to time, David Sterry is still holding it together and producing some quality music.

Feel free to visit their OFFICIAL SITE and see what they've been up to.

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