Friday, October 3, 2008

Eddie Murphy: Party All the Time (1985)

No, that isn't Bobby Brown in the recording booth.

Yes, it was the 1980s. As attested to by the Michael Damian post below, producers were wising up to the fact that you could take an actor, put him in front of a microphone, and try to sell some albums. See, for example, Bruce Willis and Alyssa Milano. Even Steven Seagal gave it a go...or two, or three...

Golden boy and unstoppable force Eddie Murphy was riding high on the wave of Beverly Hills Cop... well as Saturday Night Live, and a Richard Pryor-like wave of success with standup comedy albums.

Well, this time it wasn't comedy. Eddie Murphy was rocking the mic. And he had a Top 10 hit on his hands. And it was catchy...

It's not too hard to miss the cameo by Rick james.

"I'm Eddie Murphy, bitch."

And in case you're in the karaoke mood, here's the instrumental track.

Finally, here, of course, is the Mad TV sketch about the infamous song.

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