Monday, September 29, 2008

Heart: Heart (1985)

Heart, a band built around frontsisters Ann (vocals) and Nancy (guitar) was one of the most groundbreaking and influential bands of the 1970s. Crazy on You, one of their many signature songs (somewhat recently sampled by Eminem) still stands as one of the great rock anthems of the era (from Dreamboat Annie, 1976).

But it took Heart several years and albums to eventually release an album simply called...Heart.

It was the smoking hot female version of Def Leppard meets Europe fused with Bon Jovi meets Platonum Blonde. In short, Heart had adapted to the 80s. And given the instrumental, lyrical and songwriting talents involved in the lineup, it was not surprising that they did a better job of molding themselves to the 80s hair-rock sound than most of their contemporaries.

They left us with an album that for its genre and era, is one of the most consistently hard-punching and listenable compilations from the opening track to the last. Many of the songs made their way up the charts: If Looks Could Kill, These Dreams, What About Love, Never... And some of the ones that stayed hidden on the B-side are still pretty decent and may have been singles for any lesser band.

Anyway, here's a taste of the Wilson sisters rocking out at their gnarliest.

Heart - "If Looks Could Kill" (Live c.2003)
Yeah, Ann put on a couple pounds, so what...

Heart - "What About Love"

Heart - "Never"

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