Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Breakfast Club: Right on Track (1987)

This self-titled album is the one and only offering (in 1987) by the New York-based synth pop band The Breakfast Club.

It is not to be confused with the 1985 movie The Breakfast Club.

The key single from the album was Right on Track, the video to which is featured below. Don't let the bizarre Pee Wee Herman-esque concept to the video fool you. These guys had some arrangements and loops that were cutting edge at the time.

But longevity-wise, I think they shot themselves in the foot a little bit with the Pee Wee's Playhouse image. There were a lot of different ways they could have gone with the visuals for this song. And the somewhat confusing band name didn't do them any favors either. There also weren't any successful bands running around at the time called Terms of Endearment or Rocky IV.

Breakfast Club - Right On Track
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Oddly enough, this is a very listenable album from start to finish. It featured several other singles, most of which were worthy of release. Check out Kiss and Tell, Never Be the Same, and Rico Mambo.

And since we're on the topic, here's the theatrical trailer for a certain kick-ass 80s movie (which featured one of the most memorable soundtracks of its era).

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